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Even without reading, it will assume that approved the Terms.

 Cafe Planet members and Japanese web creators did translation and production of English pages.


 Web creators uses "Google translation" in many cases, so there might be some mistakes.

 We hope you understand our mistakes and forgive us since English is not our native language.

 Cafe Planet members does not understand your language, so you may have some difficulty communicating with us.


 We are very pleased your coming to Cafe Planet, and we'd like you to relax and spend a very good time at Cafe Planet.


Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Employees of Cafe Planet, in Japanese, I am very happy and me everyone is walked.

Thanking you in advance the Cafe Planet.

英語ページの翻訳と制作は、Cafe Planetと日本人のweb制作者が行いました。



Cafe Planetの従業員は、全員日本語以外の言葉が理解できるわけではありません。



Cafe Planetの従業員に、日本人に、皆様が歩み寄ってくれるととても嬉しく思います。

Cafe Planetをよろしくお願いいたします。