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Even without reading, it will assume that approved the Terms.

The rules of Internet Cafe Planet

Please confirm the following rules before using our services.

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated in order to make our customers comfortable at Internet Café planet..

We assume that all customers read following rules and agreed on them.

(1) Registration required when using Internet Cafe

For residents in Japan, registration is required when you use our service for the first time. Those who are more than 12 years of age(junior highschool students), you need to one membership of show us your identification card in order to be our member.

Non-resident guests are not required to be a member of Internet Café Planet. But we need to check your ID card before using our service.

For registration, please show us one of the following ID card,(driver's license, insurance card, student ID card, certificate of residence, passport and other publicly issued document which include your name, address, age, birth date, and your photograph).

(2) Manners during your stay

In the Store, please set your mobile phone to silent mode. The calls are prohibited in your seat, so please call at the open seats or around the entrance corner.

Juvenile smoking, law breaking actions, public nuisance to other customers are subject to prohibition of entry.

When using store facilities, please keep them clean as much as possible. Troubles to other guests with smudged wears, bad smells and so on, can be a reason to ask you to exit.

Please use our service with public order and good morals and respect. Illegal acts and interference of our business,staffs and other guests will be strictly prohibited.

The file-sharing software (Winny, Share and WinMx, etc. ), cannot be installed or downloaded in the store.

If we find you install prohibited softwares, we ask you to leave our store immediately. No refund of charges will be acceptd.

(3)About our service

Free drinks at the drink corner. Please choose your favorite drinks.

Comics,magazines are available for customers of all kind of seat.

Please use Cushion/blanket at free rack if you need.

When using rental equipments, please bring your voucher to the counter.

When using the shower room, please bring your voucher to the counter. No charge for using the shower room, but rental fee of the bath towel (\200) is required for those who don't have a towel (rental fee includes face towel, bath towel, shampoo, body soap ).

If you leave some belongings, we keep them for one week, and will dispose them after the retention period.

Food and drink, your belongings with expiration date, will be disposed less than one week of retention period.

For valuables, we pass them to the police after the retention period.

Comic books and magazines, PC,monitor, headset and other equipment are exclusively use in the store.

Taking them out to the store, no repoty of serious damage to equipment(customers fault), theft are subject to report to the police. 

(4)Business hours and payments

The store is open 24 hours a day. Please bring your voucher to the counter and pay the charge after using our serice.

If you need to go out for short time during your stay, please bring your voucher and ID card. We will give you “Go out certificate”. When you come back again, we will return your voucher in exchange for Go out certificate.

Customers using our service for more than 12 hours, the fare will be billed every 12 hour.

(5) Disclaimer

Managing your time, luggage and valuables, are customers responsibility. Please keep valuable items with you all time or keep it in valuables lockers. We cannot guarantee that PC and Internet work properly, though we will try to recover PC and Internet in case of fault or disorder. We also are not liable for the loss of your data, so we recommend customers save your data frequently.

It should be noted that our staffs are not always the expert of PC and software to answer customers’ questions. So, if you have some trouble or damage to PC and software, we cannot compensate for the damage or loss.

The rules of Internet Cafe Planet are subject to change considering social situation and other conditions.

Cafe planet Basic Policies on the handling of personal information

Personal information of our customers filled in the membership form should be handled properly to comply with the Personal Information Protection Law, as described below.

1: Purpose of use personal information

Your information will be used only for the following purpose.

  1. Operation for our customers’ security and safety.
  2. To provide useful information for our members.
  3. To analyze customers trend and improve our service to our members.
  4. To provide a service for a particular customer.
  5. Other operations to the purposes described above.

We don’t use our members information for any other purpose on the above.

2: Provision of personal information to a third party

We don’t provide customer’s personal information to a third party except for the following reasons in violation of the article 23 of the Personal Information Protection Law.

1.In case customers agree.

2.Requirement based on laws and regulations

3.If necessary to protect vital interests towards our life, health, property, etc.

4.A request for disclosure from public sector based on laws and regulations.

5.In case we consign data processing and systems maintenance job to the outside. Proper protection measures should have been taken of the personal information to the outside organization.

3: Inquiry of personal Information

If members inquire of their own personal information, contact with your membership card and your identification card.Then, we disclose your own information we manage.

4: Correction and deletion of personal information

If member want to correct or delete own personal information, please contact us with your membership card and show us your identification card. We will correct or stop using your personal information immediately.

5: Secure management of personal information

In order to comply with the personal information protection law and our handling policy, we appoint responsible management personnel, and let every employee comply with laws, regulations, and internal rules thorough necessary education.

In order to protect personal information from unauthorized access, destructionof data, alteration, leakage, loss of data,etc. we make countermeasures on Information security and keep our customers’ personal information.

6: Personal Information Contact

Cafe planet Nagano Station

Address: Zip 380 – 0826 1375 Kita-ishido cho, Nagano City, Nagano, JAPAN

Tel: 026 - 228 -5433

Email: cafepla05 @Gmail .com

7: Others

Cafe planet Nagano Station Basic Policies on the handling personal information is always reviewed the contents without notice, and are subject to change. Please be aware that. The latest revision was done at 25th December, 2009.