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Even without reading, it will assume that approved the Terms.

For seats and rates of Cafe Planet

Type of seat Regular fee Pack charge (24 hours a day OK)
3hours pack 5hours pack 8hours pack 10hours pack
Open seat The first 30 minutes 210yen 950yen 1,210yen 2,020yen 2,160yen
After every 10 minutes 70yen
Business seat The first 30 minutes 260yen 1,080yen 1,320yen 2,270yen 2,470yen
After every 10 minutes 80yen
Reclining seat
Pair seat, triple seat
Massage seat
Flat seat
The first 30 minutes 280yen 1,270yen 1,550yen 2,630yen 2,880yen
After every 10 minutes 90yen

Pack fee will be automatic switching.

Pair seat, triple seat can also be used in one person, but please read the note below.

  • Pair seat is available at an additional cost Free even one person.
  • Per person use of triple seats, available at 200 yen additional charge.

※ and Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and the day before, it will except during congestion.

※ The number of seats there is a limited.

※ customer use under the age of 18, the door it will be fixed in an open state.