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Service guide

It is a guide of services available at the cafe Planet.

Meal delivery service

In the cafe Planet, we accept the delivery of the following eateries.

Services that can be used in a cafe Planet

PC-Internet Unlimited

Meal delivery service

Shower room

Microsoft Word, Excel all machine introduced

You can use wireless LAN in bringing PC

Drink bar

Rental goods

Comics and magazines browse free

Print, copy, fax

Use of bringing PC

Use the Free Spot, it can be connected in a wireless LAN.

(Please ask how to use and encryption key to clerk)

Customers who subscribe to NTT FLET'S service, you can directly use the wireless LAN.

For there is no wireless LAN function PC, it will connect using our wired LAN.

In that case you will need to set such as an IP address.

All settings, etc. We ask our customers.

In addition, even as problems in personal computer occurs by connecting, in the cafe Planet does not bear responsibility.

Rental goods

In the cafe Planet, we are lending free the following. Please bring the document to the counter when you use is.

  • Blu-ray player / DVD player / VCR
  • Mobile charger (au / softbank / docomo / iphone ※ There is also some non-compliant models. Please note.)
  • Scanner
  • DVD drive (will be the rental of seats that can not be written of some DVDROM)
  • MO drive / Card reader (there is also some unsupported media. About before use of the check, thank you)
  • Three-sided mirror
  • Game for large mouse pad
  • PC game pad / PS2 controller / PC PS2 controller converter
  • Headset for skype
  • Others, also available, such as reading glasses. Please ask for details at the counter.

※ Cushion Blanket Slippers, please feel free to use.

Print out and Fax

Monochrome laser printing A4orB5 1 sheet 20 yen

Color inkjet print A4orB5 1 sheet 50 yen

※ also received the same fee in regard bringing paper.

※ color prints will be color printer rental (free).

Please tell us until the counter when you use is.

FAX 1 sends 30 yen

※ It will be accepted at the counter.

How detailed print-out is here

Shower room

In our shop, shower room is available for free (dryer rental Free)

※ If you do not have a towel, it will take additional charge of 200 yen as towel rental fee (face towel, bath towel set, shampoo, rinse cleansing lotion).

  • On top of you have a slip to the counter when you use, please tell us.
  • If your use is more than one, I will consider it as reservation.
  • Available is up to 30 minutes per person.

Shower Room Accessories

In the shower room of the cafe Planet

  • Toothbrush
  • Razor
  • Cotton

Toothbrush, razor, cotton, please use freely.

Shampoo, rinse, body soap, facial cleanser, lotion is sold separately.

Need customers, please purchase at the reception.